Our Initiative

The Harvest Outreach People’s Project (The HOPP) began in 2020 as a partnership between Arise @Peninsula-McCabe United Methodist Church, Asbury United Methodist Church (New Castle), and Richardson Park United Methodist Church it as now has grown to partner with 27 Churches and 8 nonprofit organizations and for-profit partners serving New Castle County, tech, and social services directly to the people living in our communities. Our mission is connecting people from place to face hoping to restore dignity, health, opportunity, within our communities by building ongoing relationships between people and nonprofit agencies.

The The HOPP utilizes Asbury UM Church New Castle as  temporary  logistics location. Our Resource Center will be located at 330 E 30th St, Wilmington, DE. The land for the project was acquired for $300,000 by Peninsula McCabe Church through its fundraising entity established by Clarence Fraim. The land will be called “The Clarence Fraim Annex” which also has a 600,000 remediation grant from DNREC. The first building for The HOPP is being funded through a $360,000 grant received from The Longwood Foundation. We also were the Delaware Community Foundation’s Vision Grant which has helped us to form relationships with Brandywine Counseling, Area Senior Centers, Delaware Literacy, Delaware State Service Centers and other groups to bring services to these areas as we deliver food and supplies.

We are hosting ground breaking for first phase of building one on September 22, 2022. We are raising  additional funding for Phase Two. We have an estimate for $511,583.75 for a Phase Two.  Once all phases are completed the site will serve as our resource center with  distribution depot, and community Marketplace

Better Together

As Methodist churches, we have a long tradition of coming together to do connectional work for the good of our communities. There are 137 United Methodist Churches in the State of Delaware. The current phase of this project focuses on New Castle Country, we have 46 churches with over 18,000 members who served over 49,000 people in 2019. As active churches, we have many volunteers for distribution as well as the caring to do so. We also have access to neighborhood data and statistics that give us accurate information as a resource for other nonprofit agencies working with us in a particular area. 

This will not be limited to United Methodist Churches or even religious organizations since many of us have partnerships with other denominations and nonprofits. To date, we have the following locations that will be distribution sites for this program:

Arise @ Peninsula – McCabe UMC – Baynard Blvd, Wilmington

Asbury UMC/Afresh / Fatima Roman Catholic Church partnership – New Castle


Bethesda UMC – Middletown

Buttonwood UMC – New Castle (Rt. 9 Corridor)

Church of the Nativity Episcopal Church – New Castle

Coleman Memorial UMC - Wilmington (Rt. 9 Corridor)

Ezion Mt Carmel Grace UMC - West Street, Wilmington (Downtown)

Kingswood UMC (home of Hope Dining Room partnering with 25 Churches)– Brookside, Newark

Mt. Joy UMC /New Wine Mission - Southbridge

Mount Lebanon 

Peniel UMC / St. James Episcopal Church partnership – Newport

Richardson Park United Methodist Church - Richardson Park 

Simpson UMC – Wilmington

St Georges UMC - St Georges

Currently, we have the following non-profit partners:

Brandywine Counseling

Delaware State Service Centers

Delta Outreach and Education Center

Divine Light

Friendship House

Mid-County Senior Center

Longwood Foundation

Neighborhood House

Middletown Chamber of Commerce and Education Center

NuBeginning Therapy Foundation (Bi-Lingual)


For profit influence marketing partner

360WISE Media